Latisse® Lash Enhancement

Aesthetic challenges to looking and feeling good aren’t just about the shape of your body. Small facial details can affect self-esteem as well, such as short or sparse eyelashes. Whether your lashes look small because of thinning hair issues, hereditary traits, or over-use of eyelash extensions, our Lubbock cosmetic facial treatments include topical, non-invasive care for fuller and thicker lashes with Latisse®.

Why Choose Latisse® Lash Enhancement?

Unlike prosthetic eyelashes that can be expensive and even prove to damaging natural lashes, Latisse® is a prescription treatment that encourages your body to grow thicker and fuller lashes on its own. Not only is this treatment FDA approved, it creates the stunning appearance of false lashes, without the setbacks of applying falsies periodically.

Latisse® helps our clients feel more confident in their appearances both with and without makeup, and can even allow for easier makeup application – no more need for multiple coats of mascara and repeated eyelash curling to achieve a fraction of the effect provided by Latisse®.

Get your Latisse® Prescription from our Lubbock Cosmetic Clinic!

While many patients are tempted to buy similar or general, non-brand treatments online, vising our aesthetic professionals allows you to access reliable and safe care. Dr. Minns provides prescriptions for this effective lash enhancement treatment and offer tips on what to expect and how to see best results. Patients who are recovering from lasik surgery are generally not candidates for this treatment, but most others can benefit from Latisse®.

To see darker and longer lashes with topical lash enhancement, we recommend the following:
Be consistent – Be sure to apply the topical solution as recommend daily by Dr. Minns to see optimal results from your treatment. Repeatedly skipping days can prolong final appearance of ideal lash length.

Maintain results – While not permanent, results from Latisse® are easy to keep up with. Maintaining the luxurious length and appearance of your new lashes requires less use of product than initial application, making your supply last as long as possible and keeping treatment hassle-free.

Apply to designated areas – Latisse® is intended for top lashes only and will not produce similar results on thinning hair elsewhere, including brows. It is also recommended to avoid applying to the lower lash line, which can increase chances of minor side effects, such as changes in color of irises.

Visit our Latisse® Doctor Today!

Dr. Minns and his team are happy to provide this treatment as a part of our spa services for aesthetic enhancement. To learn more about getting longer lashes with Latisse® in Lubbock, contact Dr. Minns today!