Broadband Light

Laser Treatments for Skin and Hair – Lubbock, TX BroadBand Light

As our skin is exposed to sun damage and affected by conditions like acne, rosacea, and lesions, we lose a youthful aesthetic. Reversing the appearance of damage to skin, however, and restoring firmness and elasticity is achievable with Dr. Eric Minns’ help and the powerful technology of BroadBand Light (BBL)™ laser skin treatment from his Lubbock, TX cosmetic clinic.

How BroadBand Light™ Works

This laser skin treatment uses a hand-held wand that produces light and which is then directed to treatment areas on skin. Light is emitted at variable, high frequencies, which warms skin cells. Through this process of photorejuvenation, treated cells are encouraged to produce collagen, which is a key ingredient to youthful-looking skin.

Collagen production aids in restoring a natural, balanced skin tone, evening out pigmentation and eliminating imperfections. The light wavelength, intensity, and temperature are adjustable to aid in many kinds of treatment, depending on issues patients are facing.

BroadBand Light™ vs. Intense Pulsed Light

While BroadBand Light™ and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL),  are laser skin treatments, they do differ. IPL operates on one wavelength, while BroadBand Light™ is adjustable to multiple different wavelengths. With this flexibility, BroadBand Light™ can be used on the face, arms, and legs to treat a host of aesthetic issues. While this photofacial treatment is often applied to facial skin to target lines and pigmentation issues, the laser can be adjusted to target the pigmentation of veins and apply heat that collapses uncomfortable spider veins.

Similarly, BroadBand Light™ can be utilized to pinpoint the pigmentation of hair follicles, minimizing visible hair growth and eventually eliminating unwanted hair from treatment areas.

BBL™ Treatment in Lubbock, TX

Light treatments are non-invasive and help to target aesthetic issues. Dr. Minns evaluates your skin conditions and determines the best frequency of light to target these issues, customizing treatments to your individual needs. Patients will feel varying degrees of warmth during treatment, but a cooling gel is used to protect the skin, and patients are given eyewear to shield eyes from the light. This adaptable treatment can be used for a variety of skin issues including:

• Vascular lesions
• Spider veins
• Unwanted Hair
• Pigment Irregularities
• Acne Scars

Only targeted areas of the skin are treated, with minimal side-effects that diminish after a few hours. The whole process is safe and designed to minimize imperfections in common areas as a result of sun damage, past and current skin problems, or signs of aging.

We love to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals, from skin treatment to cosmetic surgeries. Call us today to see if BBL™ is right for you and discover more beautiful skin.