Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reconstruction by Lubbock plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Minns

Gynecomastia is a condition where a man’s breast tissue is pronounced as a result of over-development, giving way to the appearance of what is called “man-boobs”. Though this tissue enlargement is a painfully embarrassing condition, over-development of male breasts can be successfully treated with cosmetic plastic surgery. For male patients with over-developed breast tissue, Dr. Eric Minns offers breast reduction surgery for men in Lubbock, TX.

Gynecomastia and Its Effects

Enlarged male breasts are result of several factors, which include:Male Breast Reconstruction by Lubbock plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Minns

• Hormone imbalance
• Some medications
• Obesity
• Genetics

Male breasts can be equally large, or can be asymmetrical – one breast larger than the other. While this is not a condition that affects medical wellness, it takes a significant toll on a man’s emotional well-being and self-image. Enlarged male breasts are difficult to hide and prevent men from feeling confident enough to remove their shirts in front of others, despite being otherwise fit or healthy.

How Do Men Develop Enlarged Breasts?

While some instances of swollen breast tissue resolve on their own – such as what some boys and men might experience as very young children or as adolescents – over-developed tissues and uneven male breasts that persist into adulthood require surgical treatment to correct.

Patients should note that obesity does not automatically mean they are experiencing over-development of breast tissues, but weight can definitely play a part in male breast size. If you are concerned about your weight and the size of your breasts, Dr. Minns can help you determine what treatment will best suit your needs. If you are obese, adopting healthy habits may be enough to eliminate the appearance of “man-boobs”.

If cosmetic surgical treatment is your recommended course, however, you can rest easy knowing that the procedure is effective and minimally invasive.

Getting a Male Breast Reduction

Dr. Minns’ Lubbock, TX male breast reduction treatment can be performed by either:

Liposuction – This method involves the removal of fatty breast tissue to reduce the appearance of large male breasts. A narrow tube is inserted into a small incision and – with the help of either injection or ultra-sound – fat cells are broken down and removed.

Mastectomy – While hearing “mastectomy” may sound intimidating to some men who are seeking to reduce the size of their breasts, it is actually a minimally invasive treatment that uses small incisions to remove glands and balance or reduce male breasts.

Dr. Minns first conducts a consultation for patients seeking male breast reduction in order to establish what has contributed to their condition and what treatment will help them meet their wishes for final results. Your cosmetic surgery treatment plan will be designed to fit your needs and best outcomes for care.

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