Breast Revision

Breast Revision

Breast Revision Surgery in Lubbock, TX

Breast revision surgery, commonly known as “revision mammoplasty,” may be necessary due to a number of factors.  Implants can deflate, capsular contracture can occur, the size may be bigger or smaller than you like, or there can be problems with surgical placement or implant position.

Regardless of the reason for your dissatisfaction, a consultation with Dr. Minns can provide you with realistic options and the latest surgical technology to provide the best outcome.


Common Reasons To Undergo Revision Breast Surgery

  • Breast Implant Deflation / Rupture
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Dissatisfaction with breast size
  • Problems with surgical placement or implant malposition such as:
    • Implants being placed too far medially or laterally or falling into the armpit when lying down
    • Bottoming Out- implants being placed too low on the chest wall relative to nipple position
    • Double bubble deformity- may represent a problem with tissue characteristics or surgical placement of the implants
    • Symmastia or “uniboob”- usually is caused by over-dissection medially in an attempt to create better cleavage
    • Skin laxity and sagging of the augmented breast as a result of age and/or loss of tissue elasticity

    The Internal Bra Technique

Certain problems requiring revision breast surgery, such as: implant malposition, bottoming out, double bubble, symmastia, and implant sagging due to skin laxity can be corrected using revolutionary materials such as SERI by Allergan and Strattice by Lifecell to create an internal support system.   These materials allow Dr. Minns to create an “internal bra” structure to help hold the implant in it’s proper position.  In cases of capsular contracture revision surgeries, these materials can be used to help reduce the rate of contracture reoccurance.