Labiaplasty by Lubbock plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Minns

Your body’s appearance is a sensitive issue, especially when it concerns matters of sexuality and cosmetic appeal. If you don’t feel confident about the appearance of your genitals due to age, childbirth, or even a hereditary issue, vaginal cosmetic surgery in Lubbock, TX from Dr. Eric Minns addresses aesthetic problems for the self-esteem boost you’ve been looking for.  Labiaplasty by Lubbock plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Minns

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic plastic surgical procedure that aims to improve the symmetry and aesthetic of the vagina’s outer and inner lips (labia minora and majora). While it’s normal for labia to be of all different sizes, shapes, and colors, uneven appearance or elongated tissues make a women feel self-conscious and can even contribute to discomfort in certain clothing.

Labia reduction can:

• Improve symmetry
• Reduce size
• Allow for better fit in clothes
• Boost confidence

While there has been some conversation to the contrary, labial cosmetic surgery does not necessarily contribute to increased sensitivity or sexual arousal. Rather, it is a procedure that allows women to feel good about themselves in their everyday lives, or in the course of their sexual interactions with their partner.

Labiaplasty produces a smoother and more even aesthetic for women who are concerned that their genital tissues look “abnormal”, or get in the way of enjoying bikini season and a confident sex life.

Talking to Your Surgeon about Labiaplasty

Because of the sensitive nature of vaginal plastic surgery, it’s important to talk to Dr. Minns about your concerns and what you are hoping to achieve with treatment. Those who are good candidates for labiaplasty are non-smokers who are in generally good health, which helps promote quick and efficient healing of tissues. Labiaplasty is a cosmetic treatment that will improve the look of vaginal tissues, but will not address issues of functional problems or other structural concerns.

Labial cosmetic surgery is a discreet, outpatient procedure performed at Dr. Minns’ Lubbock office that involves minimal discomfort and downtime for healing. Patients typically leave the facility the same day and can resume everyday activity. Vaginal cosmetic treatment successfully sculpts a smooth, neat appearance for women who are concerned with the size of vaginal tissue as a result of giving birth, the aging process, or even their genetic makeup.

Have More Questions? Contact Dr. Minns

Starting a conversation with your plastic surgeon is the first step to successful cosmetic vaginal surgery. For more information on labiaplasty, contact Dr. Minns to schedule your consultation.