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About our Lubbock Plastic Surgery Practice

Trusting the health professional performing your plastic surgery procedure is important. At the plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic of Eric Minns, MD, we put our patients’ satisfaction on the top of our list of priorities to create a positive doctor-patient relationship that promotes best results. Whether receiving minor procedures, such as dermal fillers, or participating in a comprehensive treatment plan, like a mommy makeover, patients receive personalized care that fit their unique needs.

Patient Education

Since plastic surgery includes procedures that alter aesthetic and improve confidence, we take several precautions to make sure our patients understand exactly what their treatment entails. We provide accurate descriptions of treatment options, including before and after photos, to showcase realistic expectations that our patients can look forward to. Our office educates patients regarding the best options available so they make informed decisions regarding their selected plastic surgery procedure.
Making sure to consider the needs of our patients allows us to perform our procedures with the intent of achieving their specific goals. Understanding patients’ wishes helps to address any known abnormalities, such as imperfections on the surface of a patient’s skin or disproportions between body features, such as the size and shape of their nose or body contours that can be improved.

Modern Innovation in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Eric Minns stays up-to-date with the latest in state-of-the-art surgical care to make sure his treatment is second to none. Dr. Minns diligently pursues the newest information to supplement his plastic and reconstructive techniques, which allows his patients to benefit from best options available for aesthetic services. Our continual pursuit of education to stay current with emerging technology in plastic surgery helps our entire team meet our patients’ needs at every turn.

Our Passion is Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Prior to performing any procedure, we conduct thorough exams to make sure patients are in good health standing to receive surgery and recover completely. From there, we discuss goals and expectations, ensuring we provide everything our patients need to make the right decision.
Our team of professionals works to create a relaxing, comfortable environment where they can feel right at home. To schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Eric C. Minns to evaluate your eligibility for cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery, contact our Lubbock surgical clinic today!

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